Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement and Goals

Vision Statement

The La Grange Economic Development Corporation will work to provide a business climate that encourages healthy commercial areas that capture more of the purchasing power of the community while creating destination activities to capture regional dollars.


The mission of the La Grange Economic Development Corporation of the City of La Grange is to encourage and support the retention and expansion of existing businesses within the local area, support public infrastructure improvement projects, work to attract new business opportunities in an effort to increase the local tax base and improve the quality of life for residences.


  1. To work with local businesses in the areas of retention and expansion by providing incentives that encourage and support business growth and job creation.
  2. Work to attract new businesses that provide new employment opportunities for the area, while increasing the local tax base to improve the quality of life for La Grange residences.
  3. Work to support public infrastructure improvement projects that encourage, support and sustain future growth for the community.